Grab a cocktail & imagine you are in New Orleans as you view my store.

New Orleans is my hometown and I believe that this is the single-most AMAZING city! Nowhere else are the people as eclectic, energized, fun-loving, friendly, warm and unique as in New Orleans! 
I find beauty everywhere and I wanted to capture, create & share it. Beauty elevates the vibrational energy in people & their environment. I am often reminded of  song lyrics or poetry when I see or create a particular item.  #AlwaysLookUp, that's where all of the good stuff is! 

NOLA Spice Designs, LLC believes in giving back to the community to various organizations and charities that aid both, people and animals.

We also believe in buying American and in helping generate business for other local companies, industries and small businesses.. We have an amazing community with incredibly talented individuals; there is no need to look any further than home. Buy American! Buy Local!

Thank you for your business!